Evolve Community

EVOLVE Community is a peer network of people on a path of personal growth and impact in the world. Through monthly live community session and regular meetings in a practice group of 4 peers we provide a space for mindfulness, reflection, compassion, curiosity, depth and lightness.

Our joint journey is inspired by intimate interactions with global thought leaders in the fields of, e.g., psychology, philosophy, sociology, mysticism and health. Recordings, practice and resources are available on the Community website. The Evolve community is open for alumni from Evolve courses.

„Think where man's glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends“

William Butler Yeats

Guest Faculty

Planned live events include the following guest speakers:

Prof. Dick Schwartz

Harvard, pioneer of the “Internal Family System"

Thomas Hübl

Modern mystic and timeless wisdom teacher

Dr. Terrence Real

Couples Therapist and author of “The new rules of marriage”

Vivian Dittmar

Author of “Das innere Navi“ and „Der emotionale Rucksack“

Marty Boroson

Author of „One moment meditation”

Dr. Jennifer Garvey

Author of “Simple Habits for Complex Times”

Dr. Erica Fox

Harvard, author of “Winning from Within”

Prof. Matthew Walker

UC Berkley, author of “Why we sleep”

Johanne Lavoie

McKinsey Canada, co-author of “Centered Leadership”

Prof. Stephan Breidenbach

Mediation trainer and entrepreneur

Christopher Ryan

Author of “Civilized to death” and “Sex at dawn”

David Whyte

Internationally renowned poet and author



Starting October 2021


Zoom Conference

Annual Membership

1850€, cancellable any time

Registration opens September 2021