Evolve Intensive

EVOLVE Intensive is a course that guides you through structured steps of letting go of what you have outgrown and inviting into your life what wants to unfold. The course is delivered online over 4 months through bi-weekly live sessions. You will be intimately supported in transferring the learning by a small practice group of 4 peers, which meets in-between the sessions. Recordings, practices and other resources are available on our course website.

Training Modules

The course consists of 8 modules that build logically upon each other.

  1. Life transitions as evolutionary opportunities
    1. Stages of adult development, navigating stage transitions and my personal growth goals
    2. 02 June
  2. Understanding my needs, longings and emotions
    1. Map of human needs, longings and emotions and my personal profile
    2. 16 June
  3. Assessing my current internal operating system
    1. Reactive vs. creative, my triggers, my patterns and iceberg coaching
    2. 30 June
  4. Meeting sticky habits and defensive patterns
    1. Anatomy of defensive habits, befriending and negotiating with my inner protectors s
    2. 14 July
  5. Holding my past with compassion to unleash the future
    1. Trauma and development, principles of trauma integration and holding my own woundings
    2. 01 September
  6. Deepening my belonging and relationships
    1. Relational 101 (listening, requests and boundaries), projections and my circles of belonging
    2. 15 September
  7. Connecting to my purpose and passion
    1. My purpose at the intersection of my gifts, my passions and the world’s needs
    2. 29 September
  8. Energizing myself for the journey ahead
    1. Energy matrix and levels and my map for the journey ahead
    2. 13 October


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May 26, 2021

Program Start

June 2, 2021


Wednesdays 4-6pm, bi-weekly

Summer break in August


2.250 € excl. VAT

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10% available until May 14, 2021

Please note that the Course starting in June 2021 is fully subscribed and registration is closed. If you would like to be informed about future courses, please provide your contact details here.